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Fraud and embezzlement charges can be highly damaging to businesses and innocent victims and can bring stiff penalties to those convicted of such charges. Repercussions from these types of misdemeanor and felony offenses can be life-altering, especially with the potential for difficulties with evidence gathering or an assumption of guilt on the part of involved justice authorities. Sorting all of this out in Bryan and College Station TX requires securing the best criminal defense lawyers in order for there to be any hope of a successful outcome in these types of white collar crimes.  What exactly is involved in these circumstances?

  • Charges involving theft of cash or securities, falsifying service and financial records, and more.
  • Punishment of fines, jail sentences, and loss of personal and professional credibility.
  • May involve complex, intense hearings with lengthy investigation and strategic planning.

Even just being charged with fraud or embezzlement can carry a certain stigma that often results in a guilty appearance even if charges are eventually dropped.  Handling the defense of such accusations takes great skill and knowledge about what must be proven in such cases – and eventually some reputation repair work if the accused is found not guilty.

With years of experience handling both prosecution and defense, the attorneys at Gray, Granberry, & Jones have a thorough knowledge of white collar crimes and are dedicated to upholding the rights of every client and work hard to protect any premature assumptions of guilt or tarnishing of a client’s integrity by local authorities or other officials. If the case ends in conviction, they will utilize all reasonable methods to negotiate for minimal penalties.

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