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A white collar offense is often financially motivated and business related with a motive to personally benefit from such actions. Fraud and embezzlement are the two predominant types of white collar crimes in Bryan and College Station and can be a criminal misdemeanor or felony depending on the circumstances.

Fraud involves taking someone’s money by misrepresenting goods or services; the more serious form of theft known as embezzlement involves the theft of money from a business for personal use. These crimes can affect many individuals which is why legal punishment if convicted is so severe. Having a criminal defense lawyer who is well versed in the local judicial system and business law including white collar crimes is best prepared to accurately investigate and defend any white collar offense to avoid:

  • Sizable fine and/or financial reimbursement of large sums of money.
  • Lengthy prison sentences.
  • Loss of personal and business reputations.

Being charged with white collar crimes by itself can cause loss of credibility and community standing even if only under investigation. This emphasizes the need for an individual facing white collar charges to quickly hire a powerful criminal defense lawyer who can immediately protect clients from severe blows to personal and business reputation from charges relating to:

The attorneys with Gray & Jones have extensive experience as both prosecutors and defenders of white collar crimes in Brazos County – they are ready to aggressively defend such accusations!

White Collar Crimes Are More Than Simple Theft Charges!

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