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Dealing with criminal charges as an adult can be problematic; however, when the charges are for juvenile offenses and the one charged is under the age of 21, the complexity of the case increases considerably. The issue faced by juveniles and their parents in Bryan and College Station TX is that criminal charges produce a lifelong criminal record, which at such an early age can destroy many dreams including participating in athletics, college scholarships, and a desired job to name a few.  Criminal defense attorneys offer the following items of pertinent information:

  • Shoplifting, vandalism, criminal mischief, and juvenile sex crimes are still significant crimes.
  • Options include negotiating to dismiss, seek lesser charges, or seek delayed penalties.
  • Successful negotiation depends on the crime committed, age, and defense.

The main job when defending a juvenile is to attempt to get charges either dropped altogether, lessened to a more suitable level, or delayed to be served at a future date. Successfully achieving this goal requires a dedicated legal defense team of criminal defense lawyers who have first-hand experience working on cases involving juvenile offenses, a team that is ready to help you and your child through this intense legal process.

The legal team of Gray, Granberry, & Jones have extensive experience handling juvenile offenses from both the prosecution and defense sides of the courtroom and understand the importance to negotiate for a lesser or alternative penalty.  Your child’s future needs this knowledgeable and experienced team!

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