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In the state of Texas, the definitions of criminal domestic or family violence or abuse have recently been updated as well as the consequences that come with conviction. Chargeable offenses are broader and penalties more severe. With family violence already a controversial and complex topic, it is more important than ever that anyone in Bryan or College Station TX accused find the best-qualified and experienced criminal defense lawyers who are aware of applicable legal updates and how they must be applied.

The attorneys who handle such cases must always be up-to-date on changes within the legal community regarding domestic or family violence in order to be ready to defend a client. This is especially important with domestic or family violence, as recent law revisions have made building a good defense more complex.

  • Penalties for domestic abuse vary depending on circumstances, making a good defense vital.
  • Conviction carries fines, community service, imprisonment, and probation among others.
  • The law applies to family relationships and current or past established dating relationships.

Criminal law regarding domestic abuse and family violence is often subject to interpretation because every situation is different as are the laws that apply to them. In close relationships, violence can unfortunately follow a pattern, which can change the way courts view abuse cases. Hiring experienced criminal defense lawyers such as the attorneys at Gray, Granberry, & Jones to explore every avenue of defense is critical!

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