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Assault involves making a person fear that another person is going to harm them.  It is often used with the term ‘battery’ which is what actually describes doing the threatened act.  There are many different types of assault offenses that fit into different criminal categories – and just as many penalties for all of the different charges. In such an expansive area of the law and included specialties, successful criminal defense lawyers in Bryan and College Station know all aspects of case handling that will best serve their clients as the prosecution must prove:

  • The threat of an immediate action was intentional.
  • The victim must have been aware of and believe the threat was intended for them..
  • The threat was either to cause actual harm or unwanted contact.

Understanding what is involved with an assault and what can be successfully prosecuted is imperative, as a simple misunderstanding may be all that is involved.  Knowing how to handle the defense of any assault offenses requires the help of a trained and experienced criminal defense attorney, preferable one who has handled numerous similar cases and had the best outcome that was possible under the circumstances.

The attorneys at Gray, Granberry, & Jones are a competitive team that remains current on case law, aggressive and creative in case handling, and prepared to protect the rights of a person accused of assault offenses!

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