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It is not that difficult to be on charged with some kind of violent crime such as assault or aggravated assault in Bryan and College Station – the penalties can be substantial if convicted. All violence starts somewhere and it takes trained and experienced criminal defense attorneys to analyze such situations to uncover the true history of what happened. So it is critical that anyone charged with assault or some other violent crime retain a qualified lawyer who knows the law regarding violent crimes and how local courts handle such offenses.

Having the best criminal defense for assault, aggravated assault, or other violence charges requires attorneys who are experienced in:

  • Knowing local laws regarding violent crimes, permissible charges and possible punishments.
  • Proper and thorough investigation of the involved incident.
  • Insight into different defense strategies and how each is best applied.
  • Accurate handling of self defense, injury to others while defending, and mutual fighting.

Whether provoked, involved in mutual fighting, or acting in self defense, any resulting violent crimes are rarely black and white and require skilled handling of the following:

Don’t just assume a police report in Bryan and College Station is always correct and witnesses are never biased. If you have engaged in a fight or been involved in some other violent criminal activity, retaining practiced and knowledgeable criminal defense lawyers to correctly interpret the law and see that it is applied to acts of self-defense and other provocations leading to fighting or other violent crimes is vital to achieve a successful outcome!

The legal team of Gray & Jones has the collective background, experience, and proven record to defend any violence-based crimes in Bryan or College Station TX.

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