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Internet sex distribution, possession and solicitation are a unique concern for law enforcement and can be challenging to defend. Conviction carries stiff penalties both legally and personally; to make things even more complex, there are a variety of offenses that can be charged and associated in Bryan and College Station with the same incident. These types of sex crimes, particularly if involving minors, are extremely serious and lead to multiple types of punishment – and needs determined criminal defense lawyers who know how to investigate and defend such cases.  Consider the following facts:

Because internet sex distribution, possession, and solicitation offenses happen virtually, significant investigation is required and in some cases a determination if the offense was set up by local agencies that lure people to various chat rooms. For anyone who has been charged, receiving a fair trial in Brazos County involves having the best criminal defense attorneys who understands how such crimes are committed on the internet and how they are prosecuted as a result. The law firm of Gray, Granberry, & Jones are just such attorneys – they will provide you with a strong criminal defense of internet sex crimes!

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