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Just being accused of sex crimes, let alone have a case go to trial, is a difficult problem to face in Bryan and College Station Texas.   Repercussions are life-long and can negatively impact not just the accused but family and friends and families as well. The weight that this type of conviction carries even when cases are based on questionable events or poor interpretation can change a person’s life forever.

Failure to enlist experienced criminal defense attorneys if accused of sex crimes can leave an accused open to very serious life-long impacting penalties:

  • Trauma and stigma associated with conviction and accompanying publicity.
  • Penalties including jail and restrictions on where you live and the work you do.
  • Registration within the community as a convicted sex offender.

These types of penalties are harsh, especially without the benefit of a criminal defense lawyer who understands how sex crimes are prosecuted and can properly prepare a defense that will ensure a fair trial for charges that could include:

If you charged with some type of sex offense, your future depends on having the best defense available. Hiring criminal defense lawyers who have an extensive background in the investigation and prosecution of sex crimes and will aggressively investigate your case, question police on procedure, and know the fine details involved in defending such a case is a necessity – and the attorneys at Gray & Jones can fulfill all of those requirements!

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