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The defense of DWI/DUI charges can vary, usually according to the exact location where the offense, testing, and arrest was done.  The prosecuting attorney must prove two things:  the person being charged was driving the vehicle and the driver was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the incident.  There are some avenues open in the defense of DWI charges in Bryan and College Station that could make the prosecution question if charges should be filed:

  • Insufficient evidence that was based on subjective observations
  • Breathalyzer testing done incorrectly
  • Field testing instructions were not clear
  • Miranda rights not given or not given correctly

All of the above that could be used in the defense of DWI/DUI charges need to be pursued – and the best way for that to be done is with the help of criminal defense lawyers who have learned through hands-on experience how the local legal jurisdiction handles DWI charges.

The attorneys with Gray, Granberry, and Jones are well-versed in handling the defense of DWI/DUI thanks to extensive backgrounds working as district attorneys or as law enforcement officials.  They know how DWI is handled in Brazos County and are completed prepared to handle the defense of DWI/DUI charges

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