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Prescription fraud and the illegal possession of prescription drugs through the fraud necessary to obtain them is a serious drug offense in Brazos County and punishable, even if it didn’t involve hard-core drug addicts. The people who sometimes commit prescription fraud may have became addicted to such medication through prescribed therapeutic use.  When doctors or pharmacies in Bryan or College Station TX will no longer prescribe or fill such requests, it often becomes a desperate attempt to seek the same pain relief in other less upfront ways.

Prescription drug abuse is nearly epidemic in this country and not uncommon with college students, where the buying and selling of prescribed drugs and especially stimulants can put both parties at risk even if they are not career criminals.   What are some of the circumstances under which a student can be charged with either prescription fraud or illegal possession?

  • Borrowing a pill from a friend to stay awake during an ‘all-nighter’ before finals.
  • Letting a friend borrow medication for whatever reason.
  • Needing cash and selling a prescription to make some easy money.

Because of the way in which many cases involving prescription fraud or the illegal possession of prescription medications actually happen, a different approach than typical drug cases is needed. A successful defense requires a thorough knowledge of the local legal system and how drug prosecutions will proceed. With extensive experience as both prosecution and defense in many drug cases, the attorneys with Gray, Granberry, & Jones know how to help clients face prescription fraud and illegal possession charges in Bryan or College Station.

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