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Being charged with misdemeanor drug offenses is taken very seriously in Texas as well as in Bryan and College Station.  Seemingly insignificant amounts of marijuana or other substances, amounts that may not be chargeable in other states are handled otherwise in Texas.  The general college conscience often considers the minor use of drugs as an every-day happening – look at the athletes being charged these days!  Yet in this local jurisdiction, it is a criminal offense charged as a misdemeanor with significant penalties a possible result.

Even misdemeanor drug offenses are considered criminal actions that leave offenders with a permanent criminal record and other lasting effects:

  • Possible loss of driver’s license, jail sentence even if small, and significant fines;
  • Expulsion from school refusal for student loans and/or employment.
  • Valuable time away from classes while negotiating for lesser sentences whenever possible.

To come out from under the cloud of misdemeanor drug offenses as quickly as possible requires working with Bryan and College Station criminal defense attorneys who have full understanding of drug laws and offenses as well as how the local prosecution is likely to act in each different set of circumstances. At Gray, Granberry, & Jones, Attorneys at Law, our legal team has cumulatively experienced nearly 30 years of local prosecution and defense, enabling us to evaluate each case for the best possible defense and negotiate for the best results and lower penalties for clients without resorting to plea bargains!

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