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Any possession, delivery, and lab operation of methamphetamine is considered a severe and punishable criminal drug offense. In Bryan and College Station, meth labs are somewhat plentiful and aggressively targeted by local law agencies. Most methamphetamine charges and convictions are felonies, meaning the penalties can be much harsher than many other drug charges.

For the best success with any criminal case involving methamphetamine involvement including possession, delivery, or manufacture, It is vital to obtain the services of qualified and experienced criminal defense lawyers who know the intricacies of meth drug cases and can pursue the least punishment right away, as penalties are often based on :

  • The amount of drug that has been recovered.
  • Whether DUI was involved when apprehended.
  • If it appears drug trafficking is involved.

Due to the nature of drug charges and a general community attitude in Bryan and College Station about such offenses, felony charges for methamphetamine possession, delivery, and lab operation are particularly difficult to defend. The attorneys with the Law Firm of Gray, Granberry, & Jones have the unique benefit of nearly 30 years of combined experience as local prosecutors or law enforcement officials.  They know how a local prosecution will be handled and will work to defend the rights of anyone facing drug charges.  This offers by far the best chance for a thorough and fair hearing as well as reduced penalties!

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