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In the state of Texas, even a very small amount of marijuana is enough for arrest. Texas has very rigid drug laws regarding the possession and the delivery of marijuana with the intent to sell which means apprehension and arrest is a great possibility.  Law enforcement in many local communities including Bryan and College Station TX take an aggressive approach toward regular car searches for marijuana; if charged and convicted, the District Attorney’s Office will look for severe penalties.  Consider the following:

  • Considered a gateway drug to harder ones, marijuana arrests and convictions are serious crimes.
  • Marijuana possession of 2 oz. is a Class B misdemeanor and 4 oz a Class A misdemeanor.
  • Penalties include fines, license suspension, loss of employment and/or schooling opportunities.

Anyone charged with possession and the delivery of marijuana, especially if accused of being a drug dealer needs to contact an experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorney right away. The skilled lawyers at Gray, Granberry, & Jones have experience in both the prosecution and defense of marijuana crimes and know from that experience how the prosecution will handle such charges. Contact them as soon as possible to begin planning an aggressive defense.

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