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If you have been charged with possession or delivery of cocaine or crack cocaine, you could be facing some very tough penalties if convicted. As a criminal offense, possessing or providing cocaine is treated very seriously in most areas of the country – and Texas is no exception. Working with criminal defense attorneys in Bryan and College Station TX who have experience on the other side of the legal fence investigating and prosecuting these offenses, lawyers who know how to protect the rights of their clients and negotiate for lesser charges is the best way to achieve a successful outcome.  Some of the consequences that can be faced if convicted include:

  • Cocaine possession and delivery can have steep fines and lengthy prison terms.
  • Fines can be given proportionate to the value of the drug that is found.
  • Even small amounts can result in probation or jail time.
  • Plea bargaining may not be the best choice.

Cocaine possession and delivery can have serious repercussions for anyone; however, for students at either Texas A&M University or Blinn College, conviction of these drug charges can mean suspension from school as well not to mention serious consequences when applying for future jobs.

The attorneys who make up the Gray, Granberry, & Jones law firm have extensive backgrounds in criminal prosecution and law enforcement.  They represent adults, juveniles, and college students who have been charged with cocaine possession or delivery to others by aggressively pursuing a defense that will reach a more favorable disposition with lower charges and without plea bargaining.

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