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It is so easy to go out drinking with your college friends – and so difficult to face the consequences that can very well happen in Bryan or College Station because you are not yet 21 years old.  If you are under the legal age for drinking and facing underage DWI/DUI charges, you will need to hire an attorney to defend you in court, a criminal defense attorney who understands how local prosecutors handle such charges and how underage DWI/DUI should be defended.

A conviction of underage DWI/DUI can cause minors who are college students to face severe penalties that can last for years and greatly affect future plans. The assistance of a qualified and experienced attorney is vital to handle:

  • Defending criminal charges.
  • Handling and attending administrative DPS hearings about a suspended driver’s license.
  • Working with university officials at your school regarding any student conduct concerns.

When dealing with an arrest for underage DWI, it is critical to enlist the services of a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. To avoid automatic license suspension, requests for a hearing must be made within 15 days, so there is no time to lose. The attorneys with Gray, Granberry, & Jones have many years of experience as prosecutors and law enforcement officers; they know how the prosecution of underage DWI/DUI moves through the court system in Bryan and College Station.  They are completely prepared to aggressively defend underage clients against DWI/DUI charges and work to avoid severe penalties if convicted!

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