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The consumption of beer and other alcoholic beverages on and around college campuses in Bryan and College Station is a common occurrence among college-aged students; however, not all of the consumers are yet of legal drinking age which is taken very seriously by law enforcement officials. Students charged with Underage Drinking or Minor in Possession (MIP) face substantial penalties that could affect them for many years. It is essential that any person – or their parent – under the legal drinking age arrested for MIP enlist the services of a criminal defense lawyer who knows from first-hand case experience how these cases must be built to achieve the best advantage for their clients.

Most drinking minors and even their parents do not realize the impact such drinking has especially with those students attending college :

  • Some will die from alcohol-related unintentional injuries, including car crashes.
  • More will face an unintentional injury while under the influence.
  • Even more students will be assaulted by other drinking students.
  • Some will face sexual assault while drinking, such as date rape.

None of these occurrences should be taken lightly. Because of the serious nature that underage drinking (MIP) charges present, it takes a skilled lawyer who understands the potential long-term consequences and knows how best to deal with them.  Representing students living in Bryan and College Station who attend  Blinn College, Texas A&M University, and other schools in Brazos County, the attorneys at Gray, Granberry, & Jones have the experience and know-how to effectively defend minors with alcohol-related offenses!

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