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Getting one DWI/DUI offense can be problematic can usually be managed and all related difficulties worked out.  Facing multiple DWI/DUI offenses in the state of Texas and the local Bryan or College Station area is a more more serious problem.  Any person, young or old, student or not, with repeat DWI/DUI offenses desperately needs a skilled defense as multiple DWI/DUI offenses can lead to felony charges – and they are punished much more severely.

  • Felony charges are much more likely to be filed.
  • Longer prison terms, higher fines, and longer license revocations can result.
  • A permanent felony record can affect employment, borrowing money, and more.

Any DWI/DUI offense can be looked at more harshly if an accident resulted from this offense or if a minor was present in the vehicle – which would include family members.  A person with a prior drunk driving offense who is facing additional DWI/DUI charges needs representation by criminal defense attorneys who have an extensive background in this specific area of the law. The legal team at Gray, Granberry, & Jones have many years of experience providing an aggressive defense for clients who are deal with with multiple DWI/DUI offenses – and will work diligently for the best possible outcome!

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