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Making alcohol available to minors in Bryan or College Station TX happens – in fact, it happens in nearly every county in this country.  It has been done for so long that those who do this do not regard it as a criminal act – yet it is and can be severely punished. It is particularly common on college campuses where older students and adults unintentionally put themselves at risk, especially during party situations.

Legal-aged party hosts, well-meaning friends, and even parents can inadvertently be charged with making alcohol available to minors, an offense needing skilled criminal defense lawyers who will work to avoid substantial penalties that could be as punishment:

  • It is considered a Class A misdemeanor, which is a criminal offense.
  • Punishable with up to one year of imprisonment, fines, and loss of driver’s license.
  • If involved with liability issues, it could affect many future endeavors.

If you or your college student has been charged in Bryan or College Station with furnishing alcohol to a minor, you need criminal defense attorneys who are experienced with alcohol-related cases, is aware how they are locally handled, and knows how to build the best defense. The lawyers at Gray, Granberry, & Jones have worked both sides of the courtroom as prosecution and defense, they know exactly how these case proceed, and are best prepared to offer an effective defense of such charges!

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