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Field sobriety testing is a crucial part of every DWI/DUI arrest; it is the results that are used by the prosecution to pursue DWI/DUI charges. All of them must have been properly administered by the arresting official to be considered valid in court. Field sobriety testing in the Brazos Valley is not always questioned by an accused and that DWI/DUI case will be heard even if there could be questionable testing and results. Immediate consultation with an experienced criminal defense lawyer who is very familiar with DWI/DUI charges and knows all about the correct way to administer field sobriety testing is the best action to take.

What is some of the field sobriety testing that is done?

  • Walking a straight line and then turning around.
  • Standing on one leg and not swaying or falling.
  • Being able to gaze horizontally ahead without the eye jerking involuntarily.
  • Breathalyzer testing.

The first three tests that may be done in Bryan or College Station are very subjective with room for error; the 4th test often comes as a result of the first three.  So if the initial ones were done incorrectly, asking for a Breathalyzer test may have been inappropriate for those circumstances.  Knowing how and under what circumstances all field sobriety testing should be done takes the knowledge and experience of criminal defense attorneys who have worked long in this field.

With over 30 years of combined prosecution and law enforcement experience, the Attorneys of Gray, Granberry, & Jones can offer their clients the most skilled defense team for questioning field sobriety testing as a defense of DWI/DUI cases!

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