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A significant penalty to face when charged with an alcohol-related offense in Bryan or College Station TX is driver’s license suspension and revocation, either temporarily or permanently. Living without the ability to drive can make it impossible to get to work or school, take care of personal responsibilities, or even visit your family. Once alcohol-offense related charges have been filed, there is only 15 days to request an administrative license revocation (ALR) hearing to keep your drivers license.

Employing the services of trained and efficient criminal defense lawyers can greatly help your case with:

  • Knowing how to anticipate and interpret ALR case proceedings.
  • Cross-examination and evidence gathering to determine probable cause.
  • Experience with ALR case options, including occupational licenses.

Driving while intoxicated can be charged as a criminal offense and carry harsh repercussions. Being able to drive is a necessity in most people’s lives – and keeping that license is essential.  Working with clients to avoid driver’s license suspension and revocation needs criminal defense attorneys with extensive experience in this field.  Contact the Law Firm of Gray, Granberry, & Jones as quickly as possible to increase the chances of retaining your license in spite of an alcohol-related charge!

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