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Some of the more common criminal charges in Bryan and College Station TX are those that are alcohol-related. Unfortunately, many of these are classified as criminal offenses, which can carry significant, longstanding repercussions. Having the best criminal defense lawyer is vital to get the best possible results in alcohol-related cases such as DWI/DUI, supplying alcohol to minors, multiple DWI/DUI offenses, and other such related charges.

Conviction under any alcohol-related offenses can leave an accused dealing with aftermaths of such action for a long time:

  • Jail time
  • Loss of employment or suspension from college
  • Having a permanent, criminal record

The best criminal defense lawyers for any alcohol crimes understands how the local legal system works and has knowledge of both sides of the process, prosecution and defense. Gray & Jones, Attorneys at Law have served as officers of the court and have the expertise necessary to help clients gain the most favorable outcomes associated with alcohol-related offenses:

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