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Gray & Jones, Attorneys at Law, are located in Bryan Texas in almost immediate proximity to Texas A&M University and Blinn College, two popular and well-attended schools right here in Brazos County. Being a part of the community, we also realize that getting through college is a challenging time for both students and parents – and even more challenging if student criminal offenses enter the picture.

Since legal problems do arise, our attorneys are experienced and ready to work with students and parents to help handle student criminal offenses as painlessly and efficiently as possible so that students can continue their higher education at both of these excellent schools with the least amount of disruption as possible.

The Gray and Jones attorneys are prepared to represent parents and enrolled students throughout the entire legal process – from setting bond and addressing arrests and charges to hearings and disposition. All of our attorneys have extensive experience in the local legal environment and use that understanding of local proceedings to our clients best advantage.

Helping Clients New To The Legal System

Most students have never faced criminal charges and may not understand how it all works. We explain the process to those facing first-time criminal charges:  arrest, misdemeanors and felonies and the charges associated with each, potential discipline – basically what to expect throughout the entire process. Most importantly, we strive to help clients understand that we will be with them to help the entire way.

The attorneys of Gray & Jones are dedicated to seeking the best outcome for every client facing student criminal offenses. We negotiate alternate or lower sentencing if possible and provide necessary advice for students facing serious accusations that could greatly impact a student’s ability to continue on the path to pursue their desired future. With the student’s permission, we keep parents fully informed of their child’s case and its progress as part of our complete service when working with cases involving college students.

Be Sure Your College Student Has the Best Criminal Defense Attorney

Students and parents may not realize that one criminal charge such as a drug conviction can mar an adult child’s legal record for life, affecting continued college education, jobs after graduation, student loans, and even housing options.  Any child facing student criminal offenses needs experienced and trusted representation, lawyers who understand the impact of criminal charges at this age and the need for the best possible outcome.

Contacting Gray & Jones, Attorneys at Law at (979) 431-5101 – a great step any parent or student in the Bryan or College Station area can take when facing student criminal offenses.  You will have retained the most experienced counsel available to help college students manage the repercussions of criminal charges!

Student Criminal Offenses Need Expert Legal Handling!

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