Going out to spend the evening with friends can be fun; however, facing consequences resulting from a DWI/DUI is not the best way to end the night. It is important to act quickly if  you are charged with a DWI/DUI. By retaining the services of defense attorneys experienced with handling DWI/DUI charges, an accused facing DWI/DUI charges has the best chance at avoiding the serious consequences that can follow a conviction.

Retain A Defense Attorney

A first time DWI/DUI is a misdemeanor criminal offense, with conviction resulting in a permanent criminal record. This fact alone makes avoiding conviction the ultimate goal. Having the right background and trial experience to handle DWI/DUI charges usually requires the expertise of DWI/DUI defense attorneys in order be successful with the outcome. Hiring an experienced attorney as soon as possible after the arrest for DWI/DUI is the best way to ensure your rights are protected.

The Work Of A DWI/DUI Attorney

The process of building a good defense against DWI/DUI charges can be time-consuming and stressful for anyone not trained to handle issues that can arise in these types of cases. There are frequent meetings with prosecutors, as well as court appearances, throughout the entire legal process. Lawyers experienced in DWI/DUI charges often attempt to challenge the prosecution's evidence in order to develop a strategy to avoid conviction, or at least make any repercussions as minor as possible. An accused driver should work with his or her attorney, stay calm, and rely on that attorney’s experience and efforts to achieve the best outcome.

Plea Bargaining

As the case progresses, either the prosecution or the accused person's defense attorney may suggest a plea bargain for the charges.  Depending on the circumstances of the case, it could be a favorable option. A defendant is not obligated to accept any plea bargain offered by the prosecution, but any offer should be discussed in detail with the accused's attorney before a decision is made. A lawyer familiar and experienced with DWI/DUI defense will counsel their clients and help them make the right decisions for their particular situations.

Never Admit Guilt

The goal of challenging DWI/DUI charges is to protect the accused person's rights and avoid conviction, if possible. It is essential that a defendant understand the necessity of  not admitting guilt without first discussing it with an attorney. Many times inaccuracies in sobriety testing, improper police procedures, and other factors can help a defendant avoid conviction of these serious offenses. A successful outcome of a DWI/DUI charge can result when a defendant does not incriminate himself by admitting guilt.

Every DWI/DUI case is different, so every case has a different result, as well.  At the very least, avoiding some of the serious penalties that come with a conviction can be considered a victor. Hiring attorneys skilled in the defense of DWI/DUI charges is the best step a person facing these charges can take. These experienced attorneys can help a defendant every step of the way to achieve a desirable outcome.

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