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    Texas Criminal Cases – Applying The Statute of Limitations!

Texas Criminal Cases – Applying The Statute of Limitations!

Most states, including Texas, have certain statutes of limitation that apply to criminal proceedings. This means that unless a complaint is filed against a person during that time, lawyers can get the case dismissed on behalf of an accused, on the grounds that the statute of limitation has expired. This can be both a help and a […]

Are Your Rights Being Violated By Red Light Cameras?

Every time a camera is placed at a red light, in any city and in any state, people get upset. There is often an outcry, with those in opposition claiming the camera violates people’s constitutional rights. Proponents of the red light cameras, often the local government and law enforcement, claim that it makes the streets safer by monitoring […]

Texas DWI – Why You Must Request An ALR Hearing!

Losing driving privileges in Texas, even temporarily, due to a DWI/DUI can negatively impact a person’s life and cause personal hardship. DWI/DUI defense lawyers find that many people do not realize it is possible to prevent a license revocation if action takes place right away. By requesting an Administrative License […]

Do You Understand Juvenile Law in Texas?

When discussing juvenile crimes in Texas, it is necessary to have an understanding of the juvenile justice system and how differently it works from the criminal justice system. Many of the goals are the same, such as public safety, punishment, and treatment, rehabilitation, and/or training. Because it deals with kids under the age of 18, however, there is […]

Preparing for Trial – What Is Involved?

Going to trial with a criminal case requires important preparation. For the best presentation, a defendant and his or her criminal defense attorneys must work together to plan everything, from the type of defense to dressing properly for a court appearance. Making a positive impression with a judge and […]